Warm & Cozy – 맨드롱 또똣


The new Wed-Thurs MBC drama Warm and Cozy is giving me all kinds of feels about moving to Jeju.  Mainly the huge inspiration to get there quickly and start life on the island. The backdrop is absolutely gorgeous and it is further enhanced by the simple love story between the leads that is as idyllic as the feel of the island.

I am so glad there is finally a series that will showcase the beauty of Jeju – in all 16 glorious episodes of it.  All thats left to sweeten tourism in this beautiful island is travel packages that can help tourists better enjoy the real Jeju – not manufactured museums and lackluster amusement parks or lousy shopping places that pay the guides each time a batch of tourists arrive (These are the places I detest most in every tour package I’ve signed up for) but a real glimpse into the lives of the people there and why they have such a fierce loyalty to it.

Here’s more screenshots.  If you haven’t seen it yet… I highly recommend it 🙂

Warm-and-Cozy3 IMG_6400

Watch the official drama MV:

Can’t wait for my next visit up there in June.  More pics to come :))