Food. More Glorious Food

Its been a while since I blogged. Almost 2.5 years really … haha.

Crazy busy time setting up shop in Jeju island and making sure that this island will be able to provide a good source of livelihood for the days ahead.

While pining away for the local delights of Singapore, the hunt for good and affordable food in the island continues. I’ve heard from a local Jeju-ite that in this island, there’s two kinds of restaurants. One catered specifically for tourists and the other is where the locals go to. My aim is to continue to feature restaurants that is a mix of both cos afterall some successful restaurants start out catering to locals and soon after turned into a tourist restaurant due to good word of mouth. So not all of it are out to suck money… really…

Here’s some of my newly discovered haunts. Mostly located in the EAST of Jeju since heres where I most recently moved to.

(Again by no particular order)

Hyangchun Maul – 향촌마을

Located near the famous Gasi-ri stretch at Pyoseon Myeon, this restaurant serves chong-shik. Its almost like Hanjeongshik except more humble and with less side dishes. Their banchan feels authentically homemade and what I really like about the place is the sweet cinnamon drink which is free flow for all. P:s – It’s extremely sweet. Must dilute with water. Restaurent serves grilled black pork as well and prices vary. Chongshik is at ₩8000/person

GPS IT: 787-7979

Address: 2044-1 Gasi-ri Pyoseon Myeon, Seogwipo, JEJU

Cook Story 쿡스토리

A new restaurant we discovered not too long ago thats located close to Pyoseon city. Being chinese… 锅气 wok aroma is very important to bring out the best taste in dishes. We found this restaurant to be the very few in Jeju that has it. The black pork fried rice taste really chinese in the style of cooking. But my personal favourite dish here is the spicy octopus rice. Very fragrant and the way they spice up the rice with seaweed and fish roe is absolutely delightful. Another best seller is their hand made Tonkatsu cutlets. Sells out in record time during lunch hour (12-1pm). Erm… its GINORMOUS. You’ve been warned 🙂

GPS IT: 787-9877

Address: 530-1 Pyoseon-ri, Pyoseon Myeon, Seogwipo, JEJU


OLLE Samdajeong – 올레삼다정

This post is how to debone a Kkalchi Fish. These long hairtails are a speciality in the island and you can choose to have it in a spicy broth formulation (kkalchi chorim) or just grilled with a little coarse salt. My favourite is the latter hence the video. When i first tasted this fish, i hated it. There’s sooooo many tiny bones and eating it was difficult and depressing. Thats one of the minus of ordering it in broth form. Hard to pick out the bones. But this restaurant and the kind owner demonstrated the WHY you should eat this delicacy and HOW to eat it. Once you get over the bones issue by deboning it right, the flesh is silky, tender and sweet. Another reason why the grilled form is better. I am against masking such fresh tasting fish with chilli. Its blasphemy really. Another famous dish they have is Ok-dong fish deep fried. That fish has really big eyes (scary) but the flesh is delicious too and especially good done this way. Okdong is a seasonal fish so it’s not available all the time. When ordering check with the restaurant prior. P.s – ordering fish dishes usually require a minimum of 2 people ordering the same thing. So you basically cant order 1 okdong and 1 kkalchi. It doesnt work this way in restaurants like this one. Fish dishes are at ₩15000/person and they also have a black pork chongshik at ₩9000 during lunch hours

GPS IT- 732-7230

Address: 646-2 donghong-dong, Seogwipo, JEJU


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