Hallasan, I’m coming to scale you soon!


Distance to cover: 19.2KM

Hours anticipated: 11 (5 1/2 up, another 5 1/2 down)

Challenge: Peak closes at 2pm in the afternoon

Set out time: Before 8am for sure

Success rate: I hope to get up there on my first try!!!!

I love walking, I do.  Its liberating to take hours wandering off someplace somewhere, daydreaming in that time, absorbing the sights and sounds of the trek.  Problem is – I’ve never actually tried an 11 hour trekking session before and it does sound daunting (best record by far is 8 hours of non stop shopping on foot at Dongdaemun area.  On heels. Puts me on good ground to succeed to be honest)

But they say the best is always reserved for the last.  The end goal for this challenge is to be able to see the above incredible crater lake on top of the mountain.  I’m pegging this for March when the weather is warmer and hopefully cherry blossoms season will kick in also for an extra push factor.  See you Halla-san. Its you, me and my faithful sketchers 🙂


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