Jeju and it’s immense potential

3 years and counting. Now with a house purchase on this incredible island.  Many people have said to me “why Jeju?” And my answer constantly is why not?




There’s nothing not to like about this island. It’s one of the new 7 wonders of the world (2011), offers life amongst pristine nature surroundings yet has a city area that allows you to taste civilisation when you decide on a change of environment.

If your life’s goal is to stay in Asia, find a place that offers you 4 seasons, island lifestyle meaning fresh food, good air and water, picturesque trekking sites i cant think of a better choice than here.


And its only going to get better. The city of Jeju has an open trading policy and welcomes external investments. They are trying to build a global education city and have big property players like Berjaya already in here with their award winning Airest City and Resorts World Jeju integrated resort opening in 2017.


Tourist arrivals already make 12 million visitors to the island in 2014. 85% of these tourists are domestic, 10% Chinese and the other 5% others. It is already the most travelled air route in the world accounting for some 10mil passengers.

The potential is limitless ^^


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